Quality :-

Realising the vital role of accuracy, consistency, efficiency and quality in the establishment of a sterling reputation in the market, RSPL has equipped its plant with manufacturing and quality testing machinery of the highest order.

To begin with, the plant uses a computerised 20 Hi Reversing Sendzimir Cold Rolling Mill with a Non-Contact thickness gauge an Auto Gauge Control System and As-U-Roll crown system to offer the customer international product quality.

In addition, the RSPL plant is equipped with other processing equipment such as Bell Type Annealing Furnaces, a 4 Hi Skin Pass Mill with Stretch Leveler and a Semi-continuous Pickling line.

Ensuring high quality is paramount importance at RSPL and it utilises a series of tests and systems to maintain a uniformly high level of product quality, from inspection of raw material to final packing. To this end, it employs a range of test equipment like Rockwell and Vickers Hardness Testers, an Erichsen Cupping Tester, a Surface Roughness Tester, UniveRSPL Testing Machine, Bend Testing Machine, Shot Blasting Equipment, Cylindrical Grinders and a Chemical Laboratory to monitor all the diverse parameters of quality.

Equally important, a team of fully trained, experienced quality control inspectors keep a vigilant eye on every operation, from stripping to strapping.

In this manner, quality is checked thoroughly at every stage of production, ultimately resulting in customer satisfaction at all times.

We will manufacture and market the goods which meet and exceed customer's expectations, deliver the same on time and every time.

Our belief is that our success can be measured only by the continuing success of our customers.

We are committed to maintain our effective quality management system through the active involvement of all employees and continuous monitoring by the highest level of Management.